Sound art traditionally does not hold a strong position in Sweden, which is actually a bit strange. Artistic experiments have not been something unfamiliar on the Swedish art scene where a good example is the “open art” of the sixties. But just as certain is that innovations have had a hard time rooting in the Swedish art soil. It has been problematic for different expressions to share the space of the scene, and too often the talent who has allied with the most totalitarian art professors has been winning at play. Against this dark background the tight and well executed exhibition of Örjan Wallert feels like a sympathetic family gathering, where a personal history comes alive in present.
Wallert combines minimal object-paintings with a self-made soundtrack that mediates a slight contemplative mode. Although it is not a matter of grey-bearded conceptualism.
There is a subtle humour present noticeable in small carefully located details. A couple of monochrome “paintings” put up against the wall turns out to be tabletops with their aluminium legs bundled up quite near by. And in the sound figures suddenly beats are bouncing up speaking of something completely different than electronic-musical meditation. (Address: Tjärhovsgatan 19)

Anders Olofsson
(Translation from Swedish: ÖW)